Basil (Rescue Remedies, Surrey)

**29/5/20 – Basil still needs a home**

Cute little Basil is a 9 year old Patterdale Terrier in the care of Rescue Remedies at the kennels they use in Guildford, Surrey. He’s looking for an adult only home, as an only pet. He has many regular walkers who really love him and one particular favourite of his, fosters him every weekend she can, as he’s such a star!

She said, “He settles very quickly into new surroundings and is very adaptable, as he has proved on numerous foster weekends out of kennels. He needs a home where he is given the respect he needs in regards to his own space etc (i.e. when resting let him rest in peace) and where he is given clear and concise commands so he knows where he stands and in return he will give you hours of entertainment and companionship.”

Many volunteer walkers have written lovely things about Basil, highlighting his affectionate nature. Cuddles and tummy rubs are two of his favourite things!

Basil is choosey about which dogs he likes and he wears a muzzle, just to set everyone’s minds to rest, when he’s out and about. He’s become more sociable with practice though. One walker said, “Little Basil and I went on a walk yesterday with Daisy with her walker Tara, Lara with her walker Mateus. All dogs got on well. Basil gets on with all his kennel friends and enjoys company. Daisy especially couldn’t keep her eyes off him, in a playful way, her tail wagging. He didn’t care or want to play with her just get on with his sniffing and having terrier fun. He really loves his walks, rolling about especially.”

Another said, “I walked Basil for the first time today. What a treat! It was pouring with rain but he was great. He walked brilliantly and although he was interested in everything (including other dogs) he didn’t react to any of them. Even when a big GSD had a bark at him.

Yes, OK, this is a sculpture of a big dog but check out the slack on Basil’s lead!

“He was his usual loving self. I lay on the grass next to the canal, and had a lovely canoodle with him. We lay there for ages, having not really walked very far. He was just so happy to have this contact…it’s all he needs!

“He’s such a gentle dog to walk, it’s like walking a feather! He more or less never pulled… He’s very well behaved and quiet. As other people have noticed he loves exploring new places and taking everything in. He’s a pleasure to walk and he’s a charming little dog.”

Basil is a Terrier lover’s dream dog! He’ll be right there with you on all your adventures and will snuggle up to you, whenever you sit still long enough.

If you’d like to find out more about him, please contact Rescue Remedies by filling in their online homing questionnaire. To access it click here.

Please say you saw Basil on the Oldies Club website.

This replaces Basil’s original page dated 12th December 2017.

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