Buster (Freshfields Animal Rescue, Liverpool)

Snuggly Buster is an 8 year old English Bull Terrier X Staffy. He’s been at Freshfields Animal Rescue in Liverpool since September 2016, having arrived because his owner was too poorly to look after him. He was getting so stressed in kennels that a kind couple offered to give him respite foster care every other week. It’s not quite the forever home he’s looking for but at least there he can relax and do what Buster does best…

This couple have been a life line for Buster. They take him for lovely walks and reintroduce him to situations which he would have found overwhelming, straight out of kennels.

For the last year that he was with his previous owner, Buster didn’t get any walks! It was said that he was good with other dogs before this. When on walks at the rescue, he will often bark at other dogs he sees. This is more out of excitement than wanting any aggro. There’s every chance that with treats and praise every time he’s calm around other dogs, he’ll settle down again.

Here I am trotting along nicely on my walk today. I'm nearly always good on my lead when I'm at Dawn's, and I like shortish street walks the best. When I'm walking a bit faster all my legs swing out a bit, and my ears bob up and down – I'm very very cute!!

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His foster parents are also getting to know all his funny foibles which they can tell you all about. Or better yet, show you…

I know I act all tough but really I'm just a scared-y cat! This is a J-U-G you say, to water this here plant… We'll firstly, I do not like it at all. Secondly, this plant is half dead so it clearly doesn't work. Thats two good reasons why you should get rid of it….please!!!

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Above, Buster meets his Nemesis – The Jug! Below, Buster tries to bury his Jumbone in the sofa…

I found this HUGE jumbone….I HAVE to save it for a rainy day, it's very important you know! First I buried it under Dawn's pillow but she didn't seem to like that, so now I'm trying down the back of this chair….. Did they tell you we might win an AWARD?! Please help us win by going to @CharityAwards on Twitter and retweeting the post with the Freshfields logo on. Thank you!!!

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On the whole, he is a very good boy in the home. He’s house trained, loves meeting visitors and he can be left alone to simply snooze until you return.

Buster loves to bask in sunshine!

The only quirk which needs some management is his occasional overexcited “giddy spells”. If he gets beside himself with glee because some new people arrive, or he hasn’t had enough exercise yet or sometimes because he needs to go out for a comfort stop, all that pent up wanting to do something has to find an outlet. If he’s not directed to his own toys in time…

“I am SO sorry! I don’t know what came over me. Please forgive me!”

As well as recognising when a giddy spell is coming over him and showing him his toy box (and hiding your shoes!) making sure he gets plenty of exercise will certainly help.

Buster’s basic nature is just plain cuddly!

It's all about sleeping tonight….bliss….

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Sofa cuddles of an evening are absolutely essential to dear old Buster and he will squeeze all 30kg of himself into any position which means he can doze snuggled up to you.

Buster wants to be an only pet in an adult only home (children would make him constantly giddy!). He needs owners who can easily accept and manage his sometimes silly episodes, keep the remote control out of reach at such times and let him relax with as much of himself on their lap as is physically possible! At the moment, much as he loves visiting his part-time foster carers, he always gets returned to stressful kennel life.

“Can I come home with you? For good?”

To see more photos of Buster and read about his exploits on his Facebook page, click here.

If you think you’re just the right cuddling size and shape for this soppy, silly boy please contact Freshfields Animal Rescue as follows:

Phone:     0151 931 1604

E-mail:     kennels@freshfields.org.uk

Please say you saw snuggly Buster on the Oldies Club website.

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