Lola (Freshfields Animal Rescue, Liverpool)

8-year-old Lola is looking for a new home due to her owner’s long work hours. She is on Freshfields Animal Rescue‘s waiting list (along with her son, Harley) and is available for adoption, but she is still in her current home. Lola has some behavioural issues, so read below carefully before enquiring about her.

Lola and Harley can be rehomed separately as it is believed they will do better separately. Lola is very territorial, and this has had a negative impact on Harley. However, Freshfields will not rule out a home for both dogs together if the adopter is very experienced and committed to giving them what they need.

Lola and Harley’s main issues are surrounding the home. They can react aggressively towards visiting strangers and have bitten. When both dogs are together, they feed off each other’s negative behaviour, therefore escalating the situation. Outside of the home they are more accepting of new people and will socialise with other dogs in the park etc., however they can be reactive towards dogs in the street surrounding their home. Lola can be reluctant to go on walks so will need some guidance with this.

Lola needs a home where she will be the only dog, but has always lived with a cat and could live with a cat in her new home. She is quite a grumpy dog, although affectionate and happy to be carried, she gets upset when she is being interfered with. She does not like the vet or being groomed, although her owner manages to groom her at home.

Lola needs a patient owner who will take on board all the advice from Freshfields staff. Although Lola is an adorable-looking girl, her issues surrounding strangers to the home are not to be taken lightly and it is important that her new owner is prepared for any problems that may arise.

Lola needs a quiet, adult-only home with no visiting children and no children planned for the future. She would be best suited to a home with someone retired and around most of the day to help her settle and feel secure. Lola’s new owner must be prepared to make several trips to and from the rescue to build a bond with her before adoption.

Lola is not at Freshfields kennels. You must call to make an appointment to meet her if you are interested.

Contact Freshfields Animal Rescue as follows:

Tel: 0151 931 1604

Please mention that you saw Lola on the Oldies Club website.

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