Thor (Safe Rescue, fostered Great Yarmouth)

Thor has travelled a very long road to realise that there is a great life out there for him and he’s now ready to look for a special owner who will love him and give him all the doggy comforts he deserves. Thor is now living in a multi-dog foster home in Great Yarmouth under the care of Safe Rescue who would be so happy to see him go to his forever home.

Thor is a 9 year old (born 11.3.09), medium-sized Crossbreed. It’s difficult to describe the shadow of a dog that he has been and he had the kind of fear that had to be seen to be believed. Thor was in the Radauti public shelter in Romania for years. He lived in the shadows, afraid of everything about the chaotic world around him. He cowered under crates and hid in corners and was never seen walking in anything other than a crouched and cowering position.

When Thor came into foster care in the UK he skulked into the nearest open crate and lived in the back of it for months. He was lead-trained him and made to go for walks, hopeful that the sights and smells would rouse his interest enough to lift the darkness of his depression. But he walked glued to his carer until almost home when he would scurry gratefully back into his safe place.

Amazingly, Thor has gradually realised that there is a wonderful life out there and has gone from strength to strength, tail now up and wagging! He’s still quite a neurotic worrier at home and he sleeps in the crate. On walks though, that dog has fun and he runs, plays, checks in with his carer regularly and nuzzles her fingers for reassurance. It’s just so good to see him happy.

Thor is now hoping that there’s someone out there who would take on a dog like him but he will surely be worth it to see him blossom into the lovely chap he can be. Thor needs to live with one or two other dogs but needs his own space too. He deserves the chance now to be really happy and loved in a home of his own.
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If you could offer Thor all the help, love and care he needs, please contact Safe Rescue (quoting his Ref. 0692761 and his location Ref. FR001) as follows:

Tel/Text: 07788 251 197 or 07899 844 524

Please mention you saw Thor on the Oldies Club website.

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