URGENT APPEAL: Could you foster Toby & Josie?

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We urgently need to find a new foster home for Toby and Josie. If you are an experienced dog person, preferably with experience of German Shepherds, in an adult-only home with no other pets and someone is at home most of the time, please get in touch ASAP if you could offer them a foster home.

Toby the German Shepherd boy (10) and Josie the Staffie X Whippet girl (11) are a bonded pair who have lived together since Toby was a young pup. They’re in the care of the Oldies Club rescue as their owner became too poorly to look after them. They’re currently in a foster home in Lancashire but need to move to a foster home that better suits their needs. Oldies Club will arrange transport to their new foster home, so you don’t need to be in the Lancashire area.

Toby, the big one, used to sleep in the bedroom at his former home, and so he expects that now and frets if separated. Bless him! His current fosterers have been trying to get him used to sleeping downstairs, but we do need a foster home where if he does need to be in the bedroom with you, that won’t be a problem for you.

As they are understandably feeling very insecure at the moment due to leaving their former home, Toby has been showing some defensive tendencies on walks, and Josie is picking up on this and feeling worried. They need a foster home with experienced people who will kindly take charge and give the dogs the confidence they need to help them through this transition in their lives.

Toby is a gorgeous boy who loves a fuss and enjoys being with you. He is fascinated by horses after a chance meeting with one some years ago. He likes to sit and watch them on the television!

Josie looks after Toby and makes sure he behaves himself, having always been a mother figure to him. She is a lovely girl who gets very excited when people come to visit. She craves attention and if she can, she’ll shower everyone with kisses!

Please, could you help Toby and Josie?

If you can offer this lovely pair a suitable foster home, please contact us ASAP, as follows:

E-mail: treasurer@oldies.org.uk

Oldies Club will arrange transport to the foster home and will cover the cost of any medical care they might need. You can read more about fostering for Oldies Club here.

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