Winston (Love Underdogs, Essex)

Gorgeous Winston is about 12 years old and is on the larger side of medium-sized. He recently arrived in the UK from Romania and he is waiting at Love Underdogs in Essex for someone to offer him a loving home to retire to.

Winston has a huge personality, a jovial temperament and he is great fun to be around. He is already much-loved by all the volunteers. He gets on OK with other dogs but can get grumpy with male dogs. He definitely prefers ladies.

He is great with people although he does like to have a little bark at the fishermen he passes on walks at the kennels, but he does listen to corrections. Winston will do anything for food or a belly rub! He is a very affectionate boy so whoever adopts him will need to have the time to give Winston plenty of love.

Winston doesn’t need an enormous amount of exercise. He has dislocating knees but has been seen by an orthopaedic surgeon who feels that Winston is coping very well, and putting him through surgery at his age, given his good mobility, would not be the right course of action.

Winston has bags of personality, loves a run, and enjoys climbing on things to see the world from a higher perspective! He reminds Love Underdogs of an old sailor who has seen the world and is comfortable with who he is. What a lovely description of a dog’s character!

Winston needs a home without cats and will either need to be your only dog or live alongside only female dogs. Prospective canine siblings must be introduced before adoption, which gives everyone the opportunity to see the all-important doggy chemistry. Love Underdogs do not place their senior dogs with children, to give them a peaceful environment for their later years.

Could wonderful winsome Winston be your wise old sailor boy?

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