Zeus (East Anglia Dog Rescue, Essex)

Smiley boy Zeus is a crossbreed of around 7 years. He’s in a foster home in Colchester, Essex through East Anglia Dog Rescue. Cats are a no thank you but he could live with a calm female dog, after happy introductions and children from age 8 as he really loves people!

Zeus is a happy, playful boy! He loves his toys and his football is his favourite thing. He enjoys walkies, where he can explore and socialise.

At home, Zeus is a joy to have around. He’s clean and well behaved, naturally. He can be left for a few hours but will always be happiest when you’re with him, except if you go in the car. Car rides make him cry, bless him! Anywhere else though, he’s a wonderfully engaging and cheerful companion.

Zeus is neutered and healthy. If you could offer him a lovely home, please contact Lesley of East Anglia Dog Rescue as follows:

Tel: 07729 219868
Or complete the Adoption Enquiry form on East Anglia Dog Rescue’s website.

Please say you saw Zeus on the Oldies Club website.

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