Bentley (Stokenchurch Dog Rescue, Buckinghamshire)

12/10/19 – Bentley still needs a home

Bentley is a handsome little 11 year old Terrier boy who is at Stokenchurch Dog Rescue.

Bentley is a sensitive chap who can be wary of new people. He needs understanding owners who will take their time getting to know him, gaining his trust and building a bond. He needs a quiet, adult home with not too much going on around him. He would like to be your only pet.

Bright Bentley has a talent for agility that he loves to show off whenever there is a tasty treat on offer (not too many mind, as he’s recently lost a lot of weight!). He adores running over the agility course walkways and often takes it upon himself to run up and over the A-frame. Agility would therefore be a great way for his new owner to bond with him, as it is an activity that he thoroughly enjoys.

To help Bentley feel comfortable in his new home, it would be particularly good for him to have a safe space to call his own, so that he isn’t forced to interact with people visiting.

Bentley can be wary of new people and therefore he is required to wear a muzzle while out in public. However he is a champ at having his muzzle put on and will happily put his nose to the end on his own if there is a tasty treat reward, so it isn’t an issue for him.

Could you offer sweet but sensitive, agility-loving Bentley a suitable new home?

Contact Stokenchurch Dog Rescue as follows:

Phone: 01494 482695

Please mention that you saw Bentley on the Oldies Club website.

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