Bips and Dexter (NAWT, Berkshire)

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What an absolutely gorgeous pair of Rough Collies who find themselves looking for a new home together through no fault of their own. Meantime, they are being cared for by the National Animal Welfare Trust in Great Shefford, Berkshire and hope find a forever home soon.


Bips is 7 years old, female and is sable colour; Dexter is a tri-coloured male and 8 years old. They are medium size.


Bips and Dexter are a very sweet pair of dogs who do enjoy a lot of fuss. They love to play both together and also separately in the dog runs at the centre.

Bips is blind so NAWT would require an owner who is willing to be patient and have a few extra visits to get to know her as it takes her time to get used to new people. For this reason, they should be rehomed in an adult-only home with no other pets.

Bips again

Bips and Dexter don’t need a lot of exercise and can be left for up to 6 hours.

Dexter again
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If you would like to come and meet the lovely Bips and Dexter or would like more information about them, please contact the National Animal Welfare Trust in Berkshire as follows:

Tel: 01488 638584

You can also fill out the contact form on their website.

Please mention that you saw Bips and Dexter on the Oldies Club website.

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