Emily (Love Underdogs, Essex)

12/3/20 – Emily still needs a home

Pretty Emily is a large 7-year-old lady, thought to be a Blue Chow Chow cross (she has a partially blue tongue), perhaps mixed with a Raven Shepherd. She is with Love Underdogs in Waltham Abbey, Essex.

Emily is a magnificent dog who has spent the last few years in a pound in Romania, sharing with her 3 friends, Yakari, Chester and Koshi, in very difficult conditions, see below.

Emily was a very sad girl but she has now found her smile. She is a great character who has made friends with everyone at the kennels, and she gets noticed wherever she goes. She is a dog with real presence and charisma, intent on understanding what’s going on. She looks at people with great focus and you certainly feel like everything you say matters greatly when you’re in Emily’s company.

Emily needs an experienced home as she is a large dog with a good head on her shoulders, so is not suitable for first time owners. People with a good sense of humour would be perfect for her as she’s a very funny girl.

She may be an older dog but she is strong. She is very confident and can be a bossy boots with other dogs. She’d prefer to be the only dog at home. Easier to be the centre of attention that way. Plus, making sure other dogs behave themselves all the time is a tiresome duty for a senior girl.

Emily is very food focused, which is a bonus for training, and she’s incredibly clever. She can be a little stubborn, possibly a Chow trait, but very endearing with it. Due to her size she needs a home without children, and she can’t live with small furries or cats.

She really is a stunning girl, super affectionate, and will be very grateful for a warm and loving home. She will turn heads at the park, and she will love the attention. She is a one-off!

Emily needs someone committed to keeping her coat lovely, a trip to the groomer occasionally will probably be a good thing. She is also ideally looking for a home that is not too urban, so no city centres or flats. She does well in traffic, but for a dog like her a little more space is better.

A good garden, relaxed and experienced people with confident personalities who want a large cuddly bear and won’t mind that she may be choosy with some dogs she meets out and about would be brilliant. Oh and she does need active and fit people too. In return her humans will get 100% pure love, loyalty and adoration!

All Love Underdogs’ dogs are rehomed with a home trial for 2 weeks before a formal adoption. Love Underdogs offer behaviourist support for the lifetime of the dog.

Could you offer this truly unique girl a wonderful new life?

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Please mention that you saw Emily (reference LU 1068) on the Oldies Club website.


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