Lyra (Love Underdogs, Essex)

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Lyra is a very loving, medium-large, 9 year old Crossbreed girl who has been in the care of Love Underdogs in Waltham Abbey in Essex. She has blossomed with them, since her arrival in the UK from Romania but they can’t understand why she hasn’t been snapped up yet, since she’s really is a sweetie!

Lyra is very intelligent and is confident of her place in the world. She’ll make a loyal and loving companion who’s easy to live with, being a mature dog with a good head on her shoulders.

Lyra still loves having fun and is always up for a good run around the paddock. She enjoys her belly rubs and having a good game, as well as adventures in the woods and interesting walks. She has some arthritis but is on supplements which work very well.

We would like to place Lyra in an adult only home as the rescue never places their senior dogs with children. They deserve a peaceful retirement! She can share with a sensible other dog after careful introductions at the rescue. She gets a bit grumpy if other dogs do not respect her sense of space. She gets very attached to her people and is more of a people’s dog than anything else but she’s pretty good with most other dogs she meets out and about.

Lyra is easy going and steady, however she does have real issues with fireworks going off and cannot be left alone at such times or she needs to have a secure den and the TV/radio on to cover the bangs which terrify her. Poor thing!

Otherwise though, she’s a girl who will bring a warm and happy energy to any home. She will be a joy to have, and she will be incredibly grateful to enjoy a comfortable retirement and to have, for her senior years, what she has never had for her entire life.

Are you able to offer this truly wonderful girl a space on your sofa?

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