Noodles (Freshfields Animal Rescue, Liverpool)

30/12/19 – Noodles still needs a home

Noodles, a gorgeous 11-year-old Shar Pei boy, needs your help. He’s looking for a special home, and he’s hoping that you will share his story and help him find that home.

Let us tell you about Noodles’ background. He arrived at Freshfields Animal Rescue in Liverpool when his original owner moved house and couldn’t take Noodles along. Noodles then found a home with long-term supporters of Freshfields, but unfortunately he developed separation anxiety and couldn’t cope with being left during their work hours, so he had to return to kennels. Thankfully this family are still able to offer Noodles respite periods, mainly at weekends, but poor Noodles is then in kennels throughout the week.

At Freshfields, Noodles is a very quiet and withdrawn boy and he virtually ignores the staff, but as soon as his foster family arrive to collect him each weekend, he turns into an excitable puppy. He squeals and pulls to get to them before showering them with kisses. This loyal and devoted dog has so much to offer and so it breaks Freshfields’ hearts that he spends his days waiting for this moment to come each week. Freshfields wonder if perhaps the ideal scenario for Noodles would be for him to find a second foster home where he could spend his weekdays, and still get to see his other family at weekends.

Freshfields will consider full/part time foster for Noodles where his food and vet bills with be covered for the rest of his life.

Noodles is a perfect gentleman in the home; he is spotlessly clean and well-behaved and is fine with visitors once introduced. He is excellent on the lead and he still thoroughly enjoys his walks. He tends to ignore most dogs but has sadly been attacked by several dogs over the years, though he has never been the instigator. He is understandably wary of some dogs and may snap if they do not give him space. Noodles wants to be the only pet in the household as he merely tolerates other dogs and he has never lived with cats. Noodles has never been around young children so he needs an adult-only home free from young children visiting and with no children planned for the future.

Noodles has been diagnosed with a thyriod issue and needs lifelong medication for this. He suffered with Bloat in the past and so he is fed Royal Canin Gastro-Intestinal, in 3 small meals spread through the day, from a raised feeding stand. He cannot be given any human food or treats. He also needs Vitamin B12 tablets. During the summer months he may need to be bathed with a medicated shampoo.

Poor Noodles’ only real problem is his separation anxiety; he cannot be left for more than half an hour before he becomes distressed. He so desperately wants to be with people, that he will fret and chew until his owners return, and so he needs a home with someone around all of the time to keep him company and build him up slowly to being left alone. Now that Noodles is older, Freshfields feel that once he feels safe in a home where he knows he truly belongs, this issue may settle.

Noodles’ new family will need to make several trips to the rescue to form a bond with him before adoption. This will then progress to a slow introduction to the home, so please do bear your location in mind should you wish to enquire about him. He would benefit from a home with people who have previous experience of Shar Peis.

Noodles will make a fantastic, loyal companion. He just needs time to trust you and will then show what a sweet boy he really is. Please give Noodles a chance!

If you could offer Noodles a permanent home where he won’t need to be left, or a full/part time foster home with his food and vet bills with be covered, Freshfields will be happy to give you more information and to discuss the options.

Contact Freshfields Animal Rescue as follows:

Tel: 0151 931 1604

Please mention that you saw Noodles on the Oldies Club website.

This replaces Noodles’ original page dated 31 January 2017.

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