Rupert (Love Underdogs, Essex)

12-year-old Rupert is a little dog with a very sad story. He is with Love Underdogs in Essex.

Rupert was kept in terrible conditions, in a small cage in Romania for the whole of his life. Rescued by Love Underdogs’ partners, he came to the UK on the next available transport.

He did find a lovely home, but, as time went on, they realised their household was too busy for Rupert and so made the selfless decision to allow him to find a more suitable home. They have done lots of training with Rupert and so he knows plenty of commands.

Rupert is a loving and affectionate dog with those he knows and loves, but he does have trust issues. He has limited sight and so when things come at him from the side he gets worried and will nip. It’s about not overwhelming or crowding him, and allowing him to make decisions to come forward. He needs an intuitive family with rescue experience and the ability to read dogs well. In a calm and quiet home, he will relax and his worried side will subside.

He is incredibly sprightly and absolutely loves his walks, something he never experienced until his arrival in the UK late last year. He wants a family who will take him out to explore the world. He gets excited about the smallest things and it is so endearing to watch, bless him. He enjoys the company of dogs and wants to live with a steady, calm and confident dog to help him with his anxieties.

Rupert’s ideal family will have a relaxed, child-free home and will accept him for what he is and be flexible around him. He deserves lovely walks and then relaxing snoozes in his comfy bed in the day – he has a little fabric ‘house’ that he likes which will go with him to a new home.

He is a really good dog who has had a very difficult past. He is incredibly sensitive and will pick up on emotions, so he needs calm people who are not at all anxious themselves. With the support of people and dogs who will let him be and offer him a peaceful and quiet life, he will thrive!

Rupert had a dental on arrival and is in good health. He just needs love and comfort. Could you help him?

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