Sky (Leicester Animal Aid)

23/02/20 – Sky still needs a home

Sky is an 8-9 year old German Shepherd lady who is waiting at Leicester Animal Aid for someone to rescue her and take her to a lovely new home.

As well as being beautiful, Sky is also very wise and loyal to her loved ones. She doesn’t seem to take account of her size when wanting affection though and so she will try to sit on your lap for a cuddle, bless her. And surely this isn’t a problem provided you have a large and sturdy lap!

Sky is a playful girl who loves toys and will enjoy learning new things for tasty rewards. As well as toys, food is her other big love. Look at these lovely photos of Sky investigating her presents on Christmas Day!

Sky needs an adult only home without visiting children, as the hustle and bustle of children does worry her a little. She will much prefer to have quiet surroundings, as your only pet, where she can be your loyal companion and have lots of attention as your best friend.

Sky is not keen on interacting and socialising with other dogs and she might even be happy to not go out for walks. She would need a large garden to play in and for you to spend lots of time keeping her entertained.

Could you offer Sky a quiet home and with lots of love and quality time?

Contact Leicester Animal Aid as follows:

Phone: 01455 888257
or fill in an Interested Parties Form here.

Please mention that you saw Sky on the Oldies Club website.


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