Suki (Freshfields Animal Rescue, Liverpool)

30/12/19 – Suki still needs a home

Suki is a beautiful 8-year-old Akita girl who went through a lot before arriving at Freshfields Animal Rescue. She was removed from a house when the police attended a domestic abuse situation. She was then taken to police kennels, followed by boarding kennels, and is now at Freshfields.

Once Suki has formed a bond with you and trusts you, she acts like a big, silly puppy and does not hesitate to display her love and affection! When she greets her favourite dog walkers she excitedly cries and throws her paws at them for a big cuddle. However, it does take time to build this special bond and therefore anyone interested in adopting Suki will need to make several trips to Freshfields in order to get to know her. This will progress to a slow introduction to your home, so please bear your location in mind before enquiring.

Suki can be quite reserved, stubborn and headstrong. She needs a confident and experienced owner who is familiar with Akitas. She is not suitable to be around young children so needs a child-free home with no visiting children and no children planned for the future.

She adores her walks and isn’t shy of the colder weather – she particularly enjoys rolling around on her back in snow! Care must be taken when introducing Suki to new people such as visitors to the home and strangers on walks. Suki has bitten in the past when approached by someone she did not know. It is extremely important that her new owner is sensible and follows all Freshfields’ advice.

Suki does not like other dogs and has also redirected in the past – more details if you speak to Freshfields. She must only be walked by an adult who can control her, and at quiet times in quiet, open areas where you can look out for any dogs that may be approaching. When there are no dogs around to upset her, Suki is a well-mannered girl who walks remarkably well on the lead for a dog of her size.

Freshfields feel they have got to know and understand Suki well during her time with them. They think she will be happy to be left alone for a few hours in her new home, and she is extremely clean in her kennel. She is such a beautiful girl and will make such a fabulous friend for an experienced owner. They hope the right person can offer her the home she deserves and give her the chance she needs.

Are Akitas your passion and do you have the dedication and experience beautiful Suki needs?

Contact Freshfields Animal Rescue as follows:

Tel: 0151 931 1604

Please say that you saw Suki on the Oldies Club website.

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