Bradley (Rovers Dog Rescue, fostered Essex)

Bradley is a 14-year-old miniature poodle who is with Rovers Dog Rescue in Chelmsford.

Bradley was rehomed in 2018 but is back with Rovers through no fault of his own. He has settled easily into the pack at his foster home and seems to enjoy the company of the other dogs. Bradley was at first thought to have separation anxiety but as time has passed his fosterer has realised that he was just being a bit bossy. Now he’s learning to be a dog again and he sleeps in the kitchen with the other dogs. He can be left for short periods of up to an hour.

He is still active and can easily do an hour’s walk a day. He loves the garden and is frequently seen running with the other dogs to chase off a bird. Bradley has been fine with dogs at his foster home. He would suit people who will be firm but fair with him. He needs a child-free home and it isn’t known how he is with cats.

Typical of poodles, Bradley is a very clever boy. He is still agile and is an utter joy to groom. He also loves his food – he’s having Natural Instinct special diet and is doing very well on it.

Bradley is one for the ladies. Human ladies, that is. He’s been neutered! He can be wary of men, so if there is a man in the house he would need to be understanding of Bradley’s past.

Bradley is a little hard of hearing and his vision isn’t the best. He has a manageable kidney complaint that means he just has to have special food to eat. Otherwise, he is a happy boy who just wants someone to love.

If Bradley has captivated you with his gorgeous white locks, please contact Rovers Dog Rescue as follows to find out more about him:

Phone: 07969 730749 (Rebecca)

Please mention you saw Bradley on the Oldies Club website.

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