Fluke (National Animal Welfare Trust, Cornwall)


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This stunning 7 year old Husky boy is looking for a very particular sort of home. He’s in the care of National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) in Hayle, Cornwall and potential adopters will need to make several visits to build up a bond with him before he decides anything. Living within Cornwall is therefore important, as is being willing to take your time getting to know him. He’s certainly worth it!

Fluke will make a wonderful companion to someone who loves walking as much as he does! If you love exploring the moors in all weathers then he might be the perfect match for you. He needs quite a lot of exercise and to be walked in quiet areas. He’s not keen on other dogs. To be absolutely sure everyone’s safe and to give other dog owners fair warning, he’s used to wearing a muzzle when out and about.

Fluke wants owners who are used to Huskies. Being a working breed with a strong pack mentality comes with its quirks as well as its rewards. He will form a very strong bond with you and want to be with you most of the time. Packs should stick together after all!

Whether it’s finding everything you say fascinating, being moral support for whatever you’re up to or just flumping down in the coolest spot of the house content to know that you’re nearby, Fluke will be more like a soul mate than just a pet. Not to mention taking you out for joyful adventures as often as possible!

If you live in Cornwall, have experience of the breed and are looking for the most amazing dog ever, please contact NAWT as follows:

Phone:   01736 756005  

Email:  CornwallReception@nawt.org.uk

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This replaces Fluke’s original page dated 23 March 2020.

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