Franky (RADAR Dog Rescue, S. Yorkshire)


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Franky is a loveable Lurcher (Greyhound X Bullbreed) of 7 years who’s a firm favourite with staff at RADAR Dog Rescue in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. Adoption or a foster placement are possible, as they so much want him to be loved and in a comfy home!

Franky has this to say about himself, “I am a handsome Greyhound cross and a very friendly boy once I know you. Even though RADAR do spoil me they know it’s no comparison to being in a loving home.

“I have been waiting and waiting and not had just once chance to be in a home. I am always overlooked as I do tend to shout when people come up the kennel block and see me, but underneath once you get to know me like my walkers do I can be very affectionate.

“I just need time to get to know you so I need multiple visits with nice walks and time spent getting to know each other.

“I have been a working dog in the past and I will need an experienced, sensible owner. I have been fine around other dogs at kennels. I love to run and play ball in the field and have fun.

“I do like my cuddles and I give the best kisses!

“I am a real pleasure to walk and very obedient, especially when treats are on offer.

“I would make a loving and loyal best friend. I cannot be rehomed with any small furries, cats or small dogs as due to my background I would chase. I get along with most other dogs my size and could maybe live with a compatible one.

“Although it is a big ask I will need owners who understand my breed and will offer me plenty of home comforts in a grownup-only home. It’s my time to relax and enjoy life and I will be forever grateful if you can see past kennel me to the real, loving lad that I am!”

If you might be the special someone who can give Franky the retirement home he so deserves, please contact RADAR Dog Rescue as follows:


Or to fill in their online adoption enquiry form, click here.

Please say you saw Franky on the Oldies Club website.

This replaces Franky’s previous page dated 19 July 2020.


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