Franky (RADAR Dog Rescue, South Yorkshire)


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Soppy old Franky is a Greyhound X Bullbreed of about 7 years, possibly a bit older, who’s been languishing in kennels for nearly 3 years now! That’s why RADAR Dog Rescue in Rotherham, South Yorkshire are seeking someone to at least foster him if full adoption isn’t possible. He really deserves to have some home comforts at last!

As with many long overlooked dogs in kennels, Franky has the habit of barking at strangers when they approach his kennel. An understandable reaction, protecting his territory, but it does mean that visitors first impression of him is nothing like the real, affectionate boy he is and he gets passed over yet again.

The volunteer dog walkers find him to be an obedient, cuddly sweetheart but it takes him a little while to get to know people.

A potential adopter or fosterer will need to make a few visits to get to know Franky before anything gets decided. He’ll love taking you out for a run around and to play ball. Franky’s favourite thing, after snuggles, is zoomies!

Franky’s ideal home is one with only grown ups, no cats and where any other dogs are about his size. He used to be a working dog and anything much smaller than him which runs fast is likely to get chased. He’s good with most other dogs his size but obviously there’d need to be nice introductions to make sure he’s compatible with any resident dogs.

Franky is a truly lovely boy who’s stayed remarkably cheerful despite his long time without a family of his own. It’s easy to see why he’s a firm favourite with everyone at RADAR. If only visitors could see past his initial guarding of his kennel to the big softy he really is!

If you could offer Franky the love he longs for, either with a foster placement or adoption, please contact RADAR Dog Rescue as follows:


Or to fill in their online adoption enquiry form, click here.

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