Mike (Dogs Trust Newbury, Berkshire)


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Ever so clever Mike is a 10 year old Staffy cross who’s waiting patiently in the care of Dogs Trust Newbury in Berkshire for his human soul mate to find him. Staff and volunteers have found that he’ll do anything you ask of him, for a treat!

Mike wants to be the only pet in an adult only home. He has a few doggy friends at the rescue who he’s happy going on walks with and he’s OK passing unknown dogs on walks but he’d rather not meet new ones face to face. He likes to focus on enjoying all the interesting smells when he’s out and about, or wrangling toys.

Mike likes to have company most of the time. He likes a fuss and will lean into you for a chest scratchies but he’s not a clingy dog. He will be content relaxing in his own comfy bed, knowing that you’re nearby. Time spent on his own will need to be built up gradually and he’ll need plenty of toys and enrichment activities to occupy his busy brain while you’re doing whatever human-only chores you need to do.

Mike will make a lovely companion dog for an experienced owner who will help him adapt to a proper home life. He’s spent so long living in kennels that he can be nervous indoors. This poor old boy has missed out on so much comfort and feeling like he belongs that it’s not surprising that, despite his usually sunny nature, he sometimes looks sad.

Anyone wanting to offer Mike the chance of a loving retirement home will need to make a few trips to get to know him. He’s well worth it and everyone at the rescue will be overjoyed when his happy-ever-after finally happens.

If you want to come and see if Mike could be your best friend, please contact Dogs Trust Newbury as follows:

Phone:   01488 658391

Email:   Newburyrehoming@dogstrust.org.uk

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This replaces Mike’s previous page dated 12 March 2017.

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