Nikita (Carla Lane Animals In Need, Liverpool)

Nikita is a beautiful 10-year-old Husky girl who has been with Carla Lane Animals in Need in Liverpool for far too long and she desperately needs to find her forever home. She is starting to get so depressed that some days she doesn’t even want to go out for walks. Poor old Nikita.

Nikita has been in and out of kennels for over 4 years. She needs to find her ideal home where she can finally relax in the knowledge that she will be safe and secure for the rest of her days. Her ideal home will be a single-person home, where her person is sensible and has lots of dog experience.

Carla Lane Animals in Need describe Nikita as the biggest diva you will ever meet and say that she could give even Mariah Carey a run for her money! Nikita has such a massive personality that she never fails to make the staff there laugh every single day with her demands for food and additional toys. She loves eating chicken, a game of fetch, and cuddling her teddy bears.

Walking Nikita is no problem when she is on her Kumfi Kalmer – she walks very well on that – however it is a challenge to get her out when it’s raining!

Lovely as she is, Nikita does have some quirks. She guards her food and toys and so this means that Nikita needs to be fed in a separate room; and when she is playing with her teddies she needs to be left alone. Nikita is a very affectionate girl, but it is on her terms and she does not want to be grabbed or hugged as this may cause her to snap.

Nikita must have a pet-free home due to her guarding issues, but she is brilliant with other dogs when out on a walk, although she will tell them off when they get a bit out of hand. Nikita cannot live with children.

Nikita needs a single-person environment, with an owner who has experience with dogs with guarding tendencies and who will be firm yet fair. She will need lots of time to settle and trust her new owner. Nikita would love a nice garden to lounge about in when the weather is good.

The rescue will only accept the very best home for this beautiful girl, so only get in touch if you can offer exactly the home she needs. Do you have the experience and environment Nikita needs?

Contact Carla Lane Animals in Need as follows:

Apply by completing the Adoption Questionnaire on their website – click here.

Please mention that you saw Nikita on the Oldies Club website.


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