Sabby (Foal Farm, Kent)

8-year-old Newfoundland, Sabby, is a very special girl who has been with Foal Farm since October 2019.

Sabby is desperately seeking special adopters who will happily allow her time to get to know them. She has a real nervousness of new people and new surroundings, but doesn’t show it very well. She is so large and beautiful that people are drawn to her and go straight in to hug and fuss her, but this then puts Sabby on edge. Some dogs do suffer with a nervousness around people they do not know, and Sabby is one of those dogs.

Sabby has a real connection with her carers at Foal. Initially she would not tolerate being brushed, but has now come to enjoy it within reason. She is a dream to walk and enjoys her weekly outings off site, where she will take a dip in water if it’s on offer, and a good roll on any grass is a must.

Sabby is good with other dogs out and about and hasn’t shown any interest in any other types of animals. Once Sabby gets to know you, and is confident in your company, she enjoys a fuss and is a truly loyal dog. She needs an adult-only home with people who will be willing to visit her at Foal numerous times a week to develop the special bond required. This frequent visiting will be until Foal feel that Sabby is ready to progress to the next stage of rehoming.

Sabby is a truly fun and loving girl. She may be 8 but is young at heart and full of life. If you feel that you have room in your home and heart for Sabby, and are happy to visit her at Foal lots and lots, please do apply. Please note that homes with children, even if only visiting, are not acceptable for Sabby.

Contact Foal Farm Animal Rescue as follows:

Fill in Foal Farm’s online application form – click here.
Tel: 01959 572386

NOTE: Foal Farm prefer to rehome within their locality if possible.

Please mention that you saw Sabby on the Oldies Club website.

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