Sheba & Shilo (Suki’s Canine Rescue Crew, fostered West Midlands)

Sheba and Shilo are gorgeous 9-year-old Huskies who need to find a new home together. They are with Suki’s Canine Rescue Crew and are in a foster home in the West Midlands.

These lovely dogs have sadly not had the care they needed in recent times, due to the health circumstances of their owners. The rescue have put a lot of work into getting particularly Sheba’s but also Shilo’s health problems investigated and treated. Because of her ongoing health issues, Sheba is being offered as a long-term foster dog, with her future medical care and food paid for by Suki’s Canine Rescue Crew. So if you are interested in taking on this pair of beauties, you won’t need to worry about Sheba’s medical care etc. Sheba and Shilo are so close and have been through such a lot together that they must stay as a pair.

They arrived in rescue as an emergency but settled in well at their foster home. Shilo had quite a few large lumps of different shapes and sizes, while Sheba was losing blood as if in season, but had already been spayed. She was also incontinent (now resolved!) and had to wear pads. She had the most horrendous hacking cough that kept her awake at night too, bless her. Both dogs had difficulty in getting up and initially moving around as they had so much muscle wastage in their back legs. Things were looking quite bad, but thankfully, after veterinary care, tests and medication, and the dedication of their fosterer, Sheba and Shilo are doing wonderfully well now!

After two months, the latest update from Shiloh and Sheba’s lovely foster carer is that Sheba’s cough has now completely stopped, and she has also been dry for a week, so her medication can now be reduced. And Shilo’s lumps aren’t anything serious. Both dogs’ stamina has improved dramatically over the weeks with regular walks too.

They haven’t lived with dogs, cats or children previously, as far as the rescue is aware, and so need a quiet home together where they will get the regular walks and all the love and care that they require.

Could you help this very deserving duo?


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