Thor (Cheltenham Animal Shelter, Gloucestershire)

This is handsome Thor and he is an 8.5 year old, grey and white Malamute. He’s safely being cared for by Cheltenham Animal Shelter in Cheltenham, Gloucester, and he would be so happy to find an adult-only home with access to a large garden which he can potter around in as he is unable to go on long walks.

Thor is a big, lovable goofball when he trusts you and he bonds very strongly with his closest human companions. He can be anxious and vocal towards strangers and, because of this, he would be best suited to living in a rural location with someone who has some experience of managing this behaviour.

Thor would thrive as the only animal in the home as he prefers to have space from other dogs, cats and small animals.

Thor is on long-term Paracetamol for a back legs issue and it could be that his lameness issues are due to problematic hips and hip dysplasia. He is happy on his medication and the Rescue aren’t too concerned with any other health issue other than this.
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If gorgeous Thor could be the lovable boy for you, please contact Cheltenham Animal Shelter as follows:

Phone: 01242 523521

Please mention that you saw Thor on the Oldies Club website.

Note: The Rescue does not rehome strictly to a local area, though they require a minimum three visits with their dogs along with landlord permission (if applicable), photos of where the dog will be and the garden (including the perimeter) and a talk with their behaviourist about the transition into a home and any quirks.

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