Thor (Cheltenham Animal Shelter, Gloucestershire)


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Thor is a gorgeous, loving boy in the care of Cheltenham Animal Shelter in Gloucestershire. He’s an 8 year old Malamute looking for a peaceful home with experienced owners and doesn’t want any other pets or children to disrupt his retirement.

Thor needs a good sized garden as he has an issue with his hips which means he can only go on short walks. Plenty of pottering time makes up for having fewer adventures and he absolutely loves having a paddling pool to cool off in.

Spitz breeds like Malamutes are a bit specialist which is why the rescue want to find Thor a human or two who know what they’re about. They bond very strongly with their family/pack and can be protective of them. This doting loyalty makes them wonderful pets in many ways but, as is the case with Thor, it can mean strangers get told to back off at times. Not a problem if you’re used to handling such situations but it does require a certain calm confidence which only an experienced owner will have.

Thor is well known at the rescue for his goofiness! When he’s relaxed and with his favourite people, the silly antics come to the fore. He really is a delightful character!

Staff at the rescue say Thor can be very expressive, especially when he knows that you’re getting him out for a gentle stroll or when he knows he is getting food! He is always excited to see people he knows. Although he can take a little time to get to know people, the bond he has made with some members of staff is beautiful.

Thor is on paracetamol for his hip dysplasia and doesn’t seem to need any further treatment. He may not be able to go on lengthy hikes but gentle walkies in the countryside are nice for him, followed by lots of enjoying home comforts with his people.

If you might be the one for Thor, please contact Cheltenham Animal Shelter as follows:

Phone: 01242 523521

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