Tia & Jack (East Anglia Dog Rescue, Ipswich)

Tia on the left and Jack on the right

This adorable duo is Tia, a Staffy Cross aged 7 or 8, and 12-year-old Jack the Staffy. Tia and Jack are absolutely devoted to one another and they will not be rehomed separately. Tia and Jack are with East Anglia Dog Rescue, in a foster home in Ipswich. Due to the pandemic, Tia and Jack can only be rehomed within the East Anglia region.

Lovely Jack (black and white) loves a snooze and a cuddle but is quite an active boy who really enjoys walks and playing with his toys. Tia is a bit more active and outgoing than Jack. She really loves toys, but they do tend to end up being destroyed pretty quickly.

These wonderful dogs are both fully housetrained and are fine to be left on their own for a few hours. They cannot live with other animals as Tia does not like to share Jack with others. They tend to ignore other dogs while out on their walks, but if a dog has very bad manners and is very in her face, Tia may have a problem with it.

As Tia likes toys so much, and can be snatchy with them, East Anglia Dog Rescue are looking for an adult home, or one with older children.

Healthwise, Jack has quite a few lumps and bumps, but these have been looked at by the vet and deemed non-cancerous.

Gorgeous Tia and Jack can only be rehomed within East Anglia and you will need to be able to travel to their foster home in Ipswich. Could you offer them a lovely new home and sofa together?

Contact East Anglia Dog Rescue as follows:

Email: eastangliadogrescue@gmail.com
Or complete the Adoption Enquiry form on East Anglia Dog Rescue’s website.
To message them through their Facebook page click here.

Please mention that you saw Tia and Jack on the Oldies Club website.

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