Overlooked page not currently in use

At the moment, dogs in rescue are generally being rehomed really, really quickly. This is brilliant! It also means that the older dogs listed on our website are being rehomed even more quickly than usual, so the number of live listings on our website has dropped significantly.

Many of the older dogs that had been waiting for a number of months, even years, in rescue – the ones that normally appear on this Overlooked page – have also finally found a home.

As a consequence, we have decided to keep all of the listings together on our Adopt an Oldie page. We didn’t want to put one or two dogs on our Overlooked page and risk them being ‘overlooked’ by visitors to the site.

We hope that the rehoming of rescue dogs continues to go from strength to strength. It is good news in what have been very challenging times.

Overlooked Oldies All listings at www.oldies.org.uk are based on information supplied by the rescue or private owner of the animal. If you are interested in adopting this animal, you should contact the rescue or owner and confirm the details given here, and make sure that you are happy with their procedures and policies.