Xena (National Animal Welfare Trust, Cornwall)

2/8/20 – Xena still needs a home

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Gorgeous girl Xena is a 7 year old Collie Cross in the care of National Animal Welfare Trust in Cornwall. She a super intelligent lady and will need a few getting-to-know-you visits before committing herself so you need to live within Cornwall. She is most certainly worth it!

Xena is full of life and brimming with braininess. Not surprising with her Collie credentials! Her favourite activity is tennis ball wrangling but she’s a quick learner and loves any new puzzle. She’s very good at scent work, especially if treats are involved!

Xena could live with a friendly male dog and possibly a dog-savvy cat. She would much prefer a fairly rural location or at least a quiet one with lots of outside space to keep her busy.

Xena needs owners who are experienced either with Collies or with rescue dogs. She needs time to get used to things at her own pace and to form a deep bond. She wants to live in an adult-only home with one or two people she can make the centre of her world.

Xena will repay the time and attention spent on her with devotion and endless amusement.

She might take a while to relax…

…but she’ll fill your life with fun times and love!

If you live in Cornwall and want to get to know this very special girl, please contact National Animal Welfare Trust as follows:

Phone:   01736 756005

Or use their online contact form, here.

Please say you saw Xena on the Oldies Club website.

This replaces Xena’s original page dated 30 July 2019.

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