Balto (Love Underdogs, Essex)


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Bear-like Balto is a gorgeous 11 year old Crossbreed boy in the care of Love Underdogs in Waltham Abbey, Essex. He’s a substantial 30kg of cuddliness. He’s looking for a settled, preferably rural-ish home as an only pet. He gets on well with most other dogs out and about but he really loves getting all available fuss!

Best not to even mention “C”, “A”, “T”s to him. They do taunt him so! He wants an adult-only home since he does want a peaceful retirement.

Balto is never more jolly than when he’s on an adventure with his human. He loves exploring! He even loves getting in the car because he knows there’s likely to be a lovely walk at the other end of the journey. He’s even been known to get in other people’s cars when they’ve left the door open, to see what nice places they might be going to!

Balto is very friendly, expecting some fuss from everyone he meets. He does have irresistibly fluffy fur so he’s usually obliged. Luckily he seems just as cheerful at the groomers as he is on walks.

He needs experienced owners who will be calm and reassuring if he gets nervous in new situations. He’s a sensitive soul and spent 3 years in a shelter in Romania, so patience and understanding are needed sometimes. He bonds strongly with his people but that trust takes a bit of time to build up. Several visits to Love Underdogs and then a home trial will be needed before he commits himself. Bring treats…

 …and he’ll show you the best walks in the area.

Like most things in life, it will be super fun!

If you love country walks and have the right sort of home for this loving boy’s retirement, please contact Love Underdogs as follows:

Please fill in their online enquiry form here.

Note: Balto requires to be visited a couple of times before going to a new home on trial for two weeks before adoption. The Rescue offers post-adoption support and access to a behaviourist and trainer for the life of all their dogs.

Please say you saw Balto on the Oldies Club website.

This replaces Balto’s original page dated 4 September 2021.

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