Balto (Love Underdogs, Essex)

Balto is such a stunning boy and just like a big teddy bear who, sadly, has not had much luck in his life after spending 3 years in a Romanian shelter before coming to Love Underdogs in Waltham Abbey, Essex. He was rehomed but returned to the Rescue as he became unsettled by the cats in the area. He’s fine with most furries and is better with most dogs, but cats became an issue. He’s learning to listen to his handler and leave them though he could struggle with any taunting on the fence, and a more rural area would suit him.

Balto is a large, furry male who is almost 11 years old and weighs 30kg. He is a very loveable dog with a fantastic personality. He does so well with the rescue team and, in the right environment and the right calm energy and experience around him, he will do great. He would suit an adult home as the only pet though he’s fine with some dogs outside. He’s a bright boy and a charmer, loving fuss from people.

Balto would like confident, compassionate and committed people who are okay to take him on lovely adventures and support him should he be anxious about new situations. Any prospective parents will need to visit this teddy bear several times prior to adoption and, no doubt, they will fall in love with his gorgeous personality. Balto also gets very attached to his people so he needs to be in his forever home as he does deserve to be loved for the rest of his days and enjoy a gentle, uncomplicated life.

Balto will thrive in a quiet, peaceful, rural setting. He loves adventures and absolutely adores car rides. If you want to take your pup on car trips, Balto is your man. He loves the car so much, he might even get into someone else’s (so be careful)!

Balto is a real character with a lot of love yet to give, just waiting for his chance. He is vet-checked, neutered, microchipped and has his own passport. If you are ready to love a super special dog and have the right experience and environment, think about sharing your home with this teddy bear; you would make an old dog very happy.

You can find more pictures/videos by searching #Baltounderdog on Love Underdogs Facebook page here.

Note: Balto requires to be visited a couple of times before going to a new home on trial for two weeks before adoption. The Rescue offers post-adoption support and access to a behaviourist and trainer for the life of their dogs.
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If you think you have the perfect home for Balto, please contact Love Undedogs by filling in their Online Enquiry Form.

Please mention that you saw Balto on the Oldies Club website.

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