Billy (Dogs Walk this Way Rescue, fostered Surrey)

It’s so sad that Billy’s being overlooked and has been with Dogs Walk This Way Rescue for many months after being returned by his owners after 18 months. He’s currently living in a foster home in Longcross, Surrey.

Billy is a small, approximately 8-10 year old Terrier Cross and is a very loving and playful boy. He enjoys chasing his toys and taking naps on the sofa with his family. His love of affection and treats makes him ideal for training and his foster parents are currently teaching him various commands.

Billy loves to go out on walks but is nervous around strangers, bikes and other dogs, especially when they are moving slowly towards him. However, with a bit of reassurance and counter-conditioning, he’s learning to focus on you instead and he’s doing really well. He can live with another dog but it would need to be a calm, friendly dog. He currently lives with several dogs but doesn’t like dogs who are too full on.

Billy thrives in an environment which is consistent and has firm boundaries so he knows where he stands. He does not like his paws being touched, but really loves being stroked and nudges your hand and burrows into you when he wants more. He would be an ideal companion for an adult-only household.

Billy is fully house-trained and, like a typical terrier he likes to communicate and would benefit from a forever home which will understand his whines, whimpers and grumbles. He has 4 limb lameness and has recently started on pain medication. This, along with a weight loss programme, has made a huge difference to him and his new owners will need to continue with this.
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If you would like to help Billy and think he could be the sweet boy for you, please contact Dogs Walk This Way Rescue for an Adoption Application Form or as follows:

Phone: 07713 802349 or message via Facebook

Please mention that you saw Billy on the Oldies Club website.

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