Bjorn (Love Underdogs, Essex)

Bjorn is a gorgeous, happy 7-year-old large Crossbreed boy who is with Love Underdogs in Waltham Abbey, Essex. You would need to be able to visit Bjorn a couple of times before he can go on a home trial.

If you have an adult-only household and are looking for a fun dog with a fabulous personality, Bjorn is it! He is incredibly endearing, engaged, intelligent and always looks on the bright side of life; he truly is an incredible dog. He also has the best smile and Bjorn always gets noticed when out and about. He potentially has some Anatolian Shepherd in his makeup, which gives him a majestic air. He is a firm favourite at the rescue, even for some who tend to prefer small dogs!

Given his size, he is looking for a home with solid experience. He is a powerful boy and requires someone used to handling big dogs. He is very connected to his people and loves to please them, however can be reactive to certain men, when lead walking. His family will need to be aware of this and manage his interaction when out on a walk. He is not a dog who will be able to be off lead in public and would benefit from access to more rural areas. The most important thing for Bjorn is to have his people though, and to spend time with other dogs, which he loves. He is brilliant with dogs of all sizes, and he often helps with bringing on dogs that are more anxious. He has the patience of a saint with all the little ones who like jumping all over him.

He practices agility and obedience and is motivated by getting it right and pleasing his people, more so than by food. He is a really lovely dog who needs someone interested in investing in him mentally and physically. He is the kind of dog who will appeal to people whose lives revolve around their dog and dog activities.

He needs to have a grain-free diet as he can have sensitive skin otherwise. He has recently been in a home for a few months, where he did brilliantly but unfortunately the resident dog was not happy, even though Bjorn was the perfect gentleman, so sadly he had to return. He was a really wonderful dog on his home trial. Since his return he has been put on allergy tablets as his skin had become a little irritated in some patches, but it could have been due to some underlying stress and he will hopefully be back to just needing the grain-free diet very soon.

Bjorn has huge potential as he is so trainable and willing to please. Anyone who has experience with, for example, malamutes, akitas, huskies etc. would enjoy working with Bjorn and seeing him blossom. He will be an incredibly rewarding dog to have, very loyal, happy and affectionate.

Bjorn needs an adult-only home (no visiting children either) with active, physically fit people who will enjoy working with him. Experience with larger dogs is required, and you should be confident in your own skills. If you have an existing sociable dog or two, that would be great. He needs a good garden and access to lovely country walks in the vicinity, so either a suburban or country home. He is a very loving dog and would like an affectionate family.

Could you offer Bjorn the fabulous home he deserves?

All Love Underdogs’ dogs are rehomed with a home trial for 2 weeks before a formal adoption. Love Underdogs offer behaviourist support for the lifetime of the dog.

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