Butch (1 Dog at a Time Rescue UK, Northamptonshire)

Handsome Butch is gorgeous big lad who has had a terrible life right here in the UK. He’s 11 years old now and desperately needs a happy home in which to finally be able to enjoy life. Butch is in the care of 1 Dog at a Time Rescue UK, in Northamptonshire.

Note that although it says “Butch a Romanian Rescue Dog” as the tab text on the rescue’s webpage, it is the website template that is providing that text, and Butch is definitely from the UK, not Romania. 1 Dog at a Time Rescue normally only deal with Romanian dogs, hence their website template, but they made a special exception for Butch as he was such a sad and special case.

Butch arrived in rescue as a welfare case. He was in such poor condition that the rescue’s vet advised against him being neutered. Butch has very sadly suffered a whole lifetime of neglect.

But you can see the transformation that is beginning to happen. The team at the kennels have been taking excellent care of Butch and he’s now on good quality food and is losing weight. He’s also having 3 short walks a day to gradually build up his muscles and enable him to walk more easily. His coat and his whole demeanour are looking so much better.

Butch could live with a quiet, sweet neutered female dog, but he needs a home without cats. Children would need to be older, sensible and gentle.

The kennels team say:

“Butch is a sweet old man who likes to do things in his own time. He has previously been labelled as ‘grumpy’ but this is not the case. He will enjoy having a nice big garden to wander around in and lovely comfy places to relax. Small and fluffy animals are a bit too exciting for him and so he would be better not living with them. He is fond of quiet and sweet female dogs, but not so keen on large boisterous male dogs. He does like to communicate a lot; he rumbles, grumbles and groans when being petted. Butch will also communicate with his noises when he is not in the mood to do something, but he is in no way grumpy or unapproachable. Butch loves company but also likes to have a bit of space to just chill, although he needs to know that you are still there. Butch would love the opportunity to go for walks in the countryside. Now that he is feeling better Butch is quite strong on the lead, especially when you first set out. He’s better once the excitement of actually going out for a walk has settled down, but he does need an owner who isn’t frail.”

Do you want the opportunity to provide and share the happiest times of Butch’s life?

Contact 1 Dog at a Time Rescue UK by completing their registration form as follows:

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