George (Jerry Green Dog Rescue, South Lincs.)

Gorgeous George is a 10-year-old Mastiff Cross who is at Jerry Green’s South Lincolnshire centre in Algarkirk.

George is looking for a home where he will be your only pet as he loves people so much that he wants them all to himself. He would also be happiest in an adult only home with someone around a lot of the time.

George arrived in less than ideal condition and he has enjoyed being very spoilt since arriving at Jerry Green and hopes this will continue in his future home. He has a bad back so needs to take things steady, but George sometimes forgets this in his enthusiasm to jump up for cuddles and to play with his toys.

George can be a little hard of hearing but is always ready when staff deliver his food and he’s ready to leap out of bed.

Could you offer George a home and lots of love?

Contact Jerry Green South Lincolnshire as follows:

Tel: 01205 260546

Please mention that you saw George on the Oldies Club website.

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