George (Jerry Green Dog Rescue, South Lincs.)


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George is a loving, 10 year old Mastiff Cross in the care of Jerry Green’s South Lincolnshire centre in Algarkirk. He’s looking for an adult only home as he has a creaky back and forgets this when he’s excited. He’s a very happy chap all round!

George has his priorities right. He loves spending hours snoozing in the sunshine with a human friend nearby, perhaps with a little hydrotherapy thrown in. He loves all people and wants to be the only pet at home.

Despite his age and his back, he is full of life! He likes playing with his toys and, even though he’s believed to be partially deaf, gets giddy when he hears people bringing him his food, So there could be a touch of selectiveness in his hearing!

George has been through the wars and his affectionate nature and boundless enthusiasm for life’s pleasures are a joy to behold. He needed quite a lot of TLC before he was ready to rehome. All he needs now…

…is you!

If you have the right type of home for George and want to meet this loving, joyous boy, please contact Jerry Green Dog Rescue as follows:

Tel: 01205 260546

Please say you saw George on the Oldies Club website.

This replaces George’s original page dated 18 March 2021.



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