Jackson (Freshfields Animal Rescue, Liverpool)


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Cute li’l Jackson is an 11 year old Jack Russell who’s been with Freshfields Animal Rescue in Liverpool for a few months now. His previous owner sadly passed away and when he arrived in kennels he was a little bag of nerves. He needs a quiet home with no other pets, no terrifying children even visiting and, most importantly, an owner who is at home most of the day who he can follow round like a shadow.

When it became obvious that Jackson couldn’t cope with kennels, Freshfields managed to find a quiet room for him. He soon formed a strong bond with one of his carers and proved to be very affectionate. In fact, he’s quite clingy, bless him! He really doesn’t like being shut in on his own. He barks and cries in protest. He just needs to be near someone!

Jackson was so disoriented and upset for a while that the rescue didn’t consider him fit for rehoming until he’d calmed down enough to see what his normal personality was like, to find the right home. It’s now believed he’s ready to take the next step. His new human will need to have experience with nervous dogs. Any potential new owner will need to make several visits to get to know him and the transition to full adoption will be gradual, so please bear in mind your distance from Freshfields before applying. He is a doting little boy whose love is well worth that extra bit of effort and time to win over.

If you’re the experienced, gentle person who could be Jackson’s new best friend, please contact Freshfields Animal Rescue as follows:

Phone:   0151 931 1604

Email:   kennels@freshfields.org.uk

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This replaces Jackson’s previous page dated 10 September 2020.


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