Lovely ladies Sheriff & Lacey (Oldies Club, fostered Beds.)


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These beautiful sisters are Sheriff (right) and Lacey (left). They are 16 year old Lab X Dalmatians and they still have a lot of love to give. They came into the Oldies Club rescue after their owner sadly passed away and they’re in a foster home in Luton, Bedfordshire while they wait for their new humans to find them.

Sheriff on the left and Lacey on the right

Flourishing in foster: Sheriff and Lacey took two weeks to be completely at ease in their new surroundings. After one week they knew they were safe and after a fortnight their lovely, fun personalities shone through.

Can be left for a while: Up to two hours on their own is OK for them but they do love company. They’d like a home where there’s usually at least one of their people around.

Only pets in the home: Sheriff and Lacey want to be the only dogs in the house and they’re not convinced cats should be tolerated. What is the point of them, after all?

Sensible, older children only: They are amiable girls and have a real sense of fun but they are getting on and need their rest too. They could possibly live with calm, considerate youngsters from 12 years.

Lacey on the left and Sheriff on the right

Prefer garden time to walks: Sheriff and Lacey are a bit arthritic and weren’t on medication for it before coming into the Oldies Club rescue so they were pretty stiff. Their previous owner’s son said they didn’t used to go out for walks, just a potter in the garden. Their mobility is improving with pain relief but they do seem to be content with just plenty of garden time throughout the day. If you put them on the lead it needs to be clipped onto a comfy harness rather than a collar as they’re not used to how that feels.

Good in the car: Both girls were impeccably well behaved when taken in the car to the vets.

Favourite pastimes: Lacey likes to play ball and Sheriff likes to watch. They both like snuffling around outside and relaxing in comfort inside.

Dislikes: Cats! Lacey in particular feels it’s her duty to protect the garden from their malicious machinations. Apart from them, the girls very easy-going.

Sheriff and Lacey’s ideal home: Their ideal home would be a quiet one with a retired couple who have lots of time and a lovely garden to enjoy with these lovely ladies. They don’t seem to know their names so if you wanted to rename them, they wouldn’t mind at all!

Health notes: Sheriff and Lacey are microchipped, wormed and flea-treated. They are not spayed and are too old to go through the surgery. A recent blood test showed that Lacey has some liver changes, but it was decided not to put her through further tests due to her age. Sheriff is pretty well deaf but she manages fine, having Lacey to do the listening for her! She has some growths, one of which is a tennis-ball-sized lump on her chest but the vet believes them all to be fatty lumps and nothing to worry about. They both need painkillers three times a day for their arthritis and an anti-inflammatory once a day. They happily have these crushed up and mixed in their food but you have to watch them eat to make sure one doesn’t finish off the other’s medicated dinner!


More from their foster carer: “Sheriff and Lacey are curious, affectionate, hilarious and young at heart. Please don’t let their age fool you. Once they settled into our home, they have come out of their shells, and have shown us that age is just a number. Lacey is so chatty, she’s adorable. Sheriff is so interested in what we do in the kitchen; she’s so cute.”

You can watch a nice video of them here.

If you would like to offer Sheriff and Lacey a permanent home, please read our Adoption Procedures for information about the adoption process. You can then contact an Oldies Club rehoming co-ordinator as follows:

Telephone: 0844 586 8656

They can be rehomed anywhere on the UK mainland – the closer to their foster home the better though, subject to a satisfactory home visit. Note that you will be required to travel to the foster home to collect them.

If you would love to offer a home to an oldie but your circumstances aren’t suitable, perhaps you would be kind enough to sponsor one of the special oldies we are caring for that, due to health problems, are unlikely to be offered a permanent home.

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