Mandy (Rescue Remedies, kennelled W. Sussex)


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Darling Mandy is an 11-year-old Bulldog cross beloved of all volunteer walkers at Rescue Remedies kennels near Gatwick, West Sussex.

One volunteer recently said, “I had the rare pleasure of taking Mandy for a lovely stroll yesterday. Mandy is a popular girl and so I don’t often get the opportunity of her company but despite this she happily greeted me in her room like a long missed friend. We were quickly ready for the off and out into the afternoon sunshine which Mandy really seemed to enjoy. Mandy is definitely built for comfort not speed and so slow mooching and plenty of sniff was the agenda for our walk followed by a good inspection of the paddock and cuddles coupled with much treat demanding.

“Despite her advancing years Mandy has a great zest for life. Whilst she still doesn’t like other dogs getting too close to her and she will vocally give them what for, she is easy to refocus and quick to move on. Mandy adores people and cuddles and doesn’t need big long walks and would make the perfect addition to many different households and whilst Mandy is relatively content with us at Rescue Remedies it is no substitute for a home of her own which I really hope she finds soon.”

Another said, “We have walked lovely Mandy a couple of times before. She loves to get her nose stuck into everything. Then we had a little chill in the shade in the paddock, where she just waddled between me and Sam, lapping up the cuddles. She is a beautiful girl, and although she takes life at a leisurely pace, she can be pretty speedy if she thinks someone in her sights might have treats they are keeping from her!”

Another, “Mandy is so good out and about, she just isn’t a fan of off lead dogs and doesn’t really like other dogs that close. She is so great with people, she makes a beeline for everyone she sees, granted she does like treats. She’s not that bothered by walking far and enjoyed a good tummy rub and back scritch, like today, tail wagging away. Mandy has so much love to give and has been in kennels far too long for such a well behaved treasure, her only foible is she is not a fan of other dogs but it’s easily managed.”

Mandy is house trained and impeccably well behaved. She can be left for a few hours and will just rest. She’s super affectionate and it’s easy to get her attention when you have a treat! At her age, she really deserves to be living in a comfy home of her own with a human companion or two to dote on and take out for extremely leisurely walks.

Note: Rescue Remedies have specific on-lead requirements for their adopted dogs. They also cannot guarantee to reply to unsuccessful homing applications.
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