Mika (Rescue Remedies, West Sussex)

Mika is a 10-year-old Bedlington x Fell Terrier who is with Rescue Remedies, in boarding kennels near Gatwick.

Mika was very much loved by his family, but he got out of the garden when rubbish was being put out and rushed over to a postman. The postman tried to push and kick him away, and so Mika bit his shoe. Mika’s family were then ordered to give him up by their housing association. Rescue Remedies agreed to take Mika in as soon as kennel space was available.

Mika is excellent with dogs of all sizes in the home, but he gets stressed by dogs outside. He can’t live with cats or other small animals. Mika needs an experienced terrier or lurcher family who will help him with socialisation outside. He wears a whippet muzzle to protect him from his own excitement. Strict exit management will be essential in his new home to prevent opportunist escapes.

Mika is neutered, chipped and fully vaccinated.

A volunteer said: “Mika had such a great welcome for me in his room. The treats in my pocket (which he sniffed out immediately!) definitely helped, but we were certainly pleased to see each other again and Mika was very well behaved while getting his harness and muzzle on. Once ready, Mika was raring to go and we headed out for our walk, with Mika bouncing along sniffing lots and loving being out and about.”

Another volunteer said: “I like Mika, he’s always got a cuddle for me and loves to sit on my lap on the sofa in his room. He’s a cheeky chap and always raring to go for a walk. He’s very busy sniffing and loves to kick up lots of dirt along the way and trots along nicely on the lead. Mika would make a good companion, with a garden to let him explore and quiet low density dog walks.”

Note: Rescue Remedies have specific on-lead requirements for their adopted dogs. They also cannot guarantee to reply to unsuccessful homing applications.

If you’d like to offer Mika a home, read Rescue Remedies’ homing process here, carefully, then complete their Homing questionnaire here

Please mention that you saw Mika on the Oldies Club website.

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