Nikita (Carla Lane Animals In Need, Liverpool)


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10 year old, extremely beautiful girl Nikita is in the care of Carla Lane Animals In Need in Liverpool. She needs a very particular sort of home with no other pets, no children and just one experienced owner… plus lots of toys!

Nikita has a huge personality and makes all the staff and volunteers at the rescue laugh every day. She loves food almost as much as she loves toys. She has a long established guarding habit with both, so she needs an owner who can accept this and just be practical about it.

Her strong sense of ownership with her toys and food are the reason she needs to be the only pet at home, but she’s really good with other dogs when out and about! She walks nicely in her Kumfi Kalmer and is a lovely walking companion. That is, unless it’s raining heavily, in which case you’re on your own. Comfort takes priority at her time of life!

Clearly this is a mature lady who knows her own mind. That’s why she needs an owner who knows theirs and can be firm but fair with her. As a working breed, Huskies naturally want their human’s approval but, equally, at her age she’s not going to change some of her strongly held views. It will take someone with a lot of experience and insight to figure out this enigmatic girl…

… but she’s certainly worth it! She is very affectionate when it’s on her terms. You can’t be pushy with Nikita. She’s not one for unsolicited cuddles and will tell anyone too forward to back off, with air snaps. When she decides she wants fuss though, she’s the soppiest girl you could imagine and makes you feel like the luckiest human in the world!

If you want to find out more about this quirky, discerning, stunningly gorgeous girl please contact Carla Lane Animals In Need as follows:

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