Oscar (Freshfields Animal Rescue, Liverpool)

Handsome 8-year-old Oscar arrived at Freshfields Animal Rescue, Liverpool as a stray and was never claimed.

It isn’t known what kind of life Oscar had led, but the behaviour he displays would suggest that sadly it was not a pleasant one. Oscar is quite a complex little boy, and despite spending several years at Freshfields, he still doesn’t have the best relationship with kennel staff. However, Oscar does have one very special friend at the rescue: a staff member named William. William spent a long time building a bond with Oscar and the results of this are amazing. Oscar’s body language is completely different around William, he truly trusts him and feels at ease in his company. When Oscar is with William he is a different dog to the anxious, insecure boy seen in kennels.

William takes Oscar home several times a week to provide him with a break from kennels and to help him have some stability of a normal home life. Sadly, William is not in a position to adopt Oscar, but this insight into home life gives hope for Oscar. In the home Oscar is a wonderful companion, he is clean and well behaved and is a completely different dog to the one he is in rescue. He has even travelled via public transport with no issues. He is an active boy who enjoys his walks.

Oscar will need an adult-only home free from visiting children and with no children planned for the future. He needs someone who is sensible and has experience of nervous dogs. He may be best suited to a single man, someone with a gentle but confident approach. He needs a home with very settled circumstances, that are unlikely to change in the future. Oscar will need someone home for most of the day. He is not good with other dogs so will need to be walked at quiet times and in quiet areas.

Oscar needs people who will listen to all Freshfields’ advice about his little ways. If he is not happy to do something, he needs space and understanding. Oscar’s body language can be quite intimidating at times but is easy to read and it is important, as with all dogs, that this is understood and respected.

Oscar’s new owner will need to make several trips to Freshfields in order to form a bond with him before adoption. This will then progress to a slow introduction into the home, so please consider your location when enquiring about him.

Oscar is a lovely boy and in the right home with the right person he will make a beautiful companion. Freshfields know that he is capable of this from the special bond he shares with William.

Are you the special person for Oscar?

Contact Freshfields as follows:

Email: kennels@freshfields.org.uk to receive an application form

Please mention that you saw Oscar on the Oldies Club website.

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