Panda (East Anglia Dog Rescue, Ipswich)


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Darling Panda is a smallish, 8 year old Crossbreed girl in the care of East Anglia Dog Rescue in Ipswich. She’s cheerful, friendly and bright as a button!

Panda is good with other dogs out and about but she will take any balls or toys which they mistakenly think belong to them. She’s also good with cats. Again though, she believes all food is hers rather than any other animal! She doesn’t resource guard with humans, only four legged people. It’s thought she’d better be the only pet in the home because taking other animals’ stuff often offends.

Panda could live with dog savvy teenagers. She loves all humans and craves attention. She does get overexcited though! She’s always busy and loves training sessions where she has to work on a task for a treaty reward. Lick mats, apparently, are a firm favourite of hers. Keeping Panda focussed and settled is a skill her new humans will need to develop. She always wants to move on to the next fun thing because life is so thrilling!

Panda is house trained, good in the car and can be left for up to a couple of hours. She really does love company and activity so would like someone to be there a lot of the time. She’d also love a good sized garden for exploring and play time.

Panda is a delightful girl whose buoyant personality will always cheer you up when you need it. She will think you’re the most fascinating, witty person ever!

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