Reggie and Ronnie (Senior Staffy Club, kennelled Worcester)

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Reggie and Ronnie are a lovable, bonded pair of Staffy boys who came into Senior Staffy Club from the pound, so there is no history on this adorable duo.

Reggie and Ronnie are around 10 years old and are super-friendly with people, but watch out for those shark kisses. They love human company and being stroked. Ronnie is the calmer of the two; Reggie is a real wriggle pants and has lots of energy. Reggie is the more nervous and gets his confidence from Ronnie. However, with every walk, both dogs are becoming more confident and calmer.

Both boys can be reactive to dogs and livestock, so are happier walking in quiet areas. Bearing this in mind, they are looking for a home together in a low-dog populated area. They will need to be the only pets, and because they are quite bouncy and their past is unknown, children in the home would need to be 14 years+.

Reggie and Ronnie travel well and are very well behaved at the vets. They are vaccinated and microchipped. Ronnie is neutered and Reggie isn’t yet but will be as part of the adoption. They are in kennels in Worcester, but can be rehomed anywhere in the UK pending a successful home visit. However, any adopter should be willing to travel to meet them.

You can watch a video of the boys here.
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If you have a calm home and a sofa large enough for 2 more bottoms, please contact Senior Staffy Club for an Adoption Form.

Please mention that you saw Reggie and Ronnie on the Oldies Club website.

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