Rikki (Freshfields Animal Rescue, Liverpool)


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Adorable Rikki is an 8-year-old Jack Russell Terrier in the care of Freshfields Animal Rescue in Liverpool. He’s a bit on the shy side and will need to get to know you over a few visits so please keep location in mind and don’t just get swept up in his fabulousness before enquiring. It’ll be tough though, he’s the epitome of JRT character!

Rikki came into Freshfields after a change in circumstance meant he was being left alone at home for hours. Not fun for a doting dog who needs interaction and a busy schedule. He’s currently in one of the rescue’s “home-style” rooms, rather than kennels. He’s clean and tidy in his room, sleeping on the sofa at night.


During the day, Rikki loves taking his trusted friends for walks. He enjoys whizzing round the exercise field and playing with his toys. He won’t go for walks with just anyone though. He needs to have someone he knows take him out. New people can tag along but you have to earn your place in his trusted circle of friends before he’ll accept you on your own.

Rikki is a typical JRT in that he’s a huge character inside a tiny body. He makes Freshfields staff laugh every day with his antics. He could do with an owner who knows and appreciates Terriers for all their fun and determined ways.

Rikki will need to be an only pet in an adult only home and doesn’t want to had to deal with even visiting children. Alarming, toy stealing people that they are! He does have a bit of a resource guarding habit. Naturally, he’s super intelligent and can be trained to some extent but he might always have a thing about his food. It’s his and that’s that!

Terrier lovers will understand Rikki’s ways and will also know what affectionate, cheerful dogs they are. You know they’ll be your best friend forever and that you’ll always have an amusing, loyal little helper nearby…

…whether that help is actually helpful or not!

Rikki has mild skin allergies which are easily managed with medication. He’s otherwise a robust and feisty little lad with a real zest for life! He does take time to get to know people but all the best things are worth waiting for…

…and come in small packages!

If you are interested in adopting Rikki, you will need to make several visits to Freshfields to form a bond with him before adoption. This will then progress to home visits and a slow introduction into his new home, so you must have transport and ideally live quite locally.

Could you offer Rikki a terrier-experienced, adult-only yet fun home? He’ll bring toys!

Contact Freshfields as follows:

Download and complete Freshfields’ Dog Adoption Application Form – click here
and email it to: kennels@freshfields.org.uk

If you have any problems with the form, phone Freshfields: 0151 931 1604.

Please say you saw Rikki on the Oldies Club website.

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