Suki (Freshfields Animal Rescue, Liverpool)


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Suki is a 9 year old Akita girl who has been in kennels at Freshfields Animal Rescue in Liverpool for months! Maybe now is the time for someone worthy of her beauty and loyalty to step forward. She’s very well loved at the centre. So much so, her picture adorns at least one face mask!

Once Suki has formed a bond with you and trusts you she acts like a big, silly puppy and does not hesitate to display all of her love and affection! When she greets her favourite dog walkers she excitedly cries and throws her paws at them for a big cuddle. To see videos of some of her antics on Facebook, click here.

It does however take time to build this special bond and therefore anyone interested in adopting Suki will need to make several trips to and from the rescue in order to get to know her. This will progress into a slow introduction into the home so please bare your location in mind when inquiring about her. Suki adores her walks and isn’t shy of the colder weather, she particularly enjoys rolling around on her back in the snow or frost!

Suki does not like other dogs and therefore she must only be walked by a sensible adult who can control her. We would advise that she is walked at quiet times in less built up areas where you can look out for any dogs that may be approaching. When there are no dogs around to upset her, Suki is a well-mannered girl who walks remarkably well on the lead for a dog of her size.

Suki will need a confident and experienced owner who is familiar with the breed. She is not suitable to be around young children so will need a home without any visiting children or children planned for the future. Care must be taken when introducing Suki to new people, such as visitors to the home and strangers on walks as she does take time to form new relationships.

Suki has so much potential to be a loving, loyal companion. She has her own room here at the rescue and has proven to be extremely clean and non-destructive, spending the majority of the day snoozing on her sofa. She is such a sweet girl who will make a fabulous friend for an experienced owner.

To find out more about this wonderful girl, please cont Freshfields Animal Rescue as follows:

Phone:   0151 931 1604


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