Toby and Tigger (Jerry Green Dog Rescue, East Yorkshire)

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Please meet Toby (on the right) and Tigger (on the left) who are best pals and are looking for a home together if possible. They are being cared for at the Jerry Green Dog Rescue in Gilberdyke, East Yorkshire, and would love to be out of kennels and in their new home by Christmas!


Toby is a 13 year old, neutered American Bulldog Cross. He is a sweet older gentleman who is looking for a home of his own or with his best pal Tigger. He may be advancing in years, but Toby still enjoys playing with his toys and going for short walks. He still has so much love to give and really does deserve it. He is the perfect gent, walks lovely on the lead and loves a quiet stroll down a country lane with his best pal.

Toby is friendly with people and would love someone to snuggle up on the sofa with. He is known by everyone what a happy chap he is and his lovely personality. Toby unfortunately can’t live with other pets (except his friend Tigger) as he can be wary of new dogs. Any children in the home should be aged 16+. Toby is currently on some medication for arthritis in his back legs and on special food as he has some stomach sensitivities, both of which will need to continue in his new home.


Tigger is also a 13 year old, neutered American Bulldog Cross. He is a lovely older boy looking for a retirement home for himself or if possible with his friend Toby. At 13 years young, Tigger still has some bounce in his step as his name suggests! Tigger loves to root around in bags and boxes for new toys and treats. He too is a perfect gent who is good on the lead and enjoys walks with Toby.

Tigger still enjoys shorter walks and loves to explore all the new smells, ideally walks would be in areas with a low dog population as he can be wary of new dogs. Tigger unfortunately can’t live with any other pets unless it’s his friend Toby of course, but he promises he has the love of several dogs to give you. He could live with children aged 16+. Tigger would love to find his retirement home with a caring human to snuggle up with on the sofa.
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If you have a quiet life in a cosy home with room for one or two more, please contact Jerry Green Dog Rescue here or as follows:

Tel: 01430 449112

Please mention that you saw Toby and Tigger on the Oldies Club website.

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