Toffee (Love Underdogs, Essex)

7-year-old Toffee is a spectacularly beautiful dog with bags of personality who was originally at Love Underdogs in Waltham Abbey, Essex, as a puppy. He has come back as the family had grandchildren visiting regularly, which was not suitable for Toffee.

Toffee is very affectionate with the people he knows; he loves a cuddle and will often ask for more fuss. He is a very confident dog, mostly good with other dogs, and has at times been part of LU’s rehab team helping other dogs come out of their shells by accompanying them on their first walk. He does have some dislikes but gets on with most of them.

His mood is impacted by how he feels in himself. Toffee has to be on medication for allergies and he has to have his own diet. If his diet is changed he will get flare-ups which present in him losing fur on his tail.

When his health is not optimum, he can get grumpy, so it is absolutely vital that his wellbeing is managed. He also needs his weight kept under control as he has some arthritis in his wrist joints and carrying too much weight gives him pain, which impacts his behaviour with people around him. When he feels good he is a super dog, particularly with those who have invested in the relationship.

Toffee needs an experienced home, and the personality of his owners is important. He’s looking for people who will create real complicity with him, invest in the relationship, and with good humour be his ‘guardian angel’ on his shoulder, reminding him to be a good boy when he forgets himself and gets in a bit of a strop. You will need to be confident, relaxed, have a natural authority about you, and a good sense of humour. The company of another dog would be good, although not essential, and he doesn’t want to be overwhelmed, so no children or high levels of people in and out of the home.

He likes the outdoors and can go on good walks but not too long due to his arthritis. Toffee absolutely loves water and he’s always the first in the pool, jumping in and out like a puppy.

He needs fun, relaxed, experienced owners who will manage his interactions with strangers in the house, as he may see it as his job to protect the home, and active enough to take him on lovely walks in nature. He is good with people out and about, he would never look for trouble, and walks nicely on the lead. Toffee also needs people committed to his grooming. He does not do well if his coat is unkempt; it is part of managing his well being.

Toffee is a beautiful loveable bear, joyful and playful, affectionate and fun, with so much to give and in need of committed, experienced people with a positive energy. He will need a routine and to be treated as a dog. He will appeal to a true rescuer who wants to offer a home to a dog who will find it more challenging to find a home, having his own little character, combined with the need for medication for his allergies and arthritis. Oh and he needs a full toy box! He loves them!

In turn Toffee will bring a smile to anyone’s face; he is really funny and there’s nothing more joyful than to watch him run around like a happy puppy. You would need to be able to visit Toffee a couple of times before he can go on a home trial.

All Love Underdogs’ dogs are rehomed with a home trial for 2 weeks before a formal adoption. Love Underdogs offer behaviourist support for the lifetime of the dog.

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