Wendy (Stray2Me, kennelled Surrey)


Beautiful girl Wendy is a 7 or 8 year old Crossbreed on the larger side of medium, about 25kg. She’s in kennels in Surrey through Stray2Me, while she waits for her forever human to find her.

Wendy has a bit of separation anxiety and needs to have someone at home most of the time. She absolutely lives for human affection so you can imagine how sad she can get in kennels.

“Please don’t go!”

She’s good with other dogs when out and about. She loves playing with other friendly dogs! At home, it’s a different story because she gets jealous and she needs to be the only pet in the house. Any children need to be of the teenage, dog savvy variety.

Wendy wants an active retirement. Although she’s not boisterous, she does have lots of energy and is extremely bright! She’s good on the lead, generally not too strong. Sniffing and snuffling takes up most of her attention, unless you meet other people and dogs, when she’s compelled to go and greet them like they were old friends!

Wendy has been overlooked because her previous existence in Romania has left her with a couple of quirks. Her manners around food could do with some patient work. It’s thought she’s lived through distemper which has left her with a slight tremor in her front legs when she relaxes. It doesn’t bother her at all though!


She’s being treated to get rid of heartworm and should be all clear soon. She has had the occasional puddling incident indoors but this shouldn’t be ongoing once she’s in a proper routine and knows she’s not going to be abandoned again. Easy access to a garden is advisable. Mainly, she needs to know she belongs and will always be loved and looked after.

Given how unkind humans have been to her in the past, it’s amazing how trusting and doting she is now. Could you give her the love she deserves?

If you might be able to give Wendy the type of home she’s waiting for, please contact Stray2Me as follows:

Email:   info@stray2me.com

…or to fill in their online enquiry form click here.

Please say you saw Wendy on the Oldies Club website.


This replaces Wendy’s original page dated 7 April 2021.


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