Zion (Rescue Remedies, kennelled Gatwick)

Zion the sleepy English Bull Terrier X Staffy is about 12 years old and seeks a comfortable retirement through Rescue Remedies near Gatwick. He previously had a sheltered life so it’s amazing how steady and relaxed he is now, to the point of being horizontal a lot of the time!

He wants an adult only home and a very snuggly bed with plenty of blankies. One thing most of the volunteer dog walkers say about him is that they have to coax him out of his nest for a walk.

Zion used to enjoy playing with others dogs in the park but was once attacked and is now a little defensive at times. A calm and confident owner will help him a lot. He still is friendly with people and other dogs but needs a bit of reassurance.

Indoors he’s very self sufficient and doesn’t need much fuss. Out and about, he’s as soppy as can be. He does have a stubborn streak which is also something everyone mentions. He knows what direction to walk in, slowly, and he knows when to turn around and head back to bed!

He has a touch of arthritis but it doesn’t affect him doing what he wants to do. Occasionally he decides to be extra sociable. One walker said, “He often drags me towards the paddock if one of our lovely lady dogs is there. Today it was Chelsea’s turn, who we had to follow up the lane as well. We then saw Ravenee and he had to follow her as well.

“Back at the kennel grounds he spotted Macey, her kennel beau Benji wasn’t having it though. I told Zion he was the most handsome boy and took him to the paddock for lots of fuss, treats and some fun with a tennis ball. He made me laugh so much today, ping ponging us around after all these ladies. He is a lovely sweet boy, with a fabulous waggy tail.”

Another walker said, “Zion was not overly enthusiastic about leaving his bed to brave the cold weather with me, but after lots of fuss and a few treats we were off! He loves to find things and give them a good chew and everything must be on his terms. He’s a stubborn boy but so funny to walk and he’s very affectionate when he feels like it! I took him to the paddock and he was in his element sniffing around at his own pace.”

And another, “I left Zion as my last walk of the morning as he isn’t a morning boy. He was eager to get out, not so much for the walk but to get fuss from anyone he could find. If there was a little treat then all the better! He never seems to mind walking in the mud but when it started to rain he headed back. He is such a gentle soul who loves all he meets. I so wish he could find a forever home to live out the rest of his days.”

If you might have a perfect, comfy home for Zion please read through his forum thread, here.

Then contact Rescue Remedies by filling in their online rehoming questionnaire here.

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