Zion (Rescue Remedies, kennelled Gatwick)


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Dear old Zion is a bumbling boy of about 12 years. He’s in kennels near Gatwick, West Sussex and is looking for a relaxing retirement home through Rescue Remedies. He wants an adult-only home because he really loves his nap time!

The volunteer walkers at the kennels have lovely things to say about him, such as, “Went to take dear old Zion for a walk today. It was quite warm and he was relaxing in his bed. I sat next to him and offered a treat which he decided he could rouse himself for. With a bit of coaxing he came out for a bit of a potter around munching a bit of grass. We then decided we both needed a lie down and a cuddle. He’s such an easy dog and loves some strokes and kisses.”

Another said, “Poor old Zion. He was quite happy snoozing in his bed when I came to take him for a walk this morning. Well, I say “walk”. He got about ten yards from his kennel and decided it was time for a lay down in the sun. That’s fine. It is his time and he can spend it as he likes. The problem is I wanted to offset the calories in his treats with a bit of exercise to help his old body limber up…”

“Anyway, he has such a lovely temperament. Every time he saw another dog his tail went into windmill mode, a sure sign he is happy. He nuzzled his ear into my knuckle and let out a satisfied “harrumph” and gave me a few licks to the face to let me know he appreciated the time together.”

And another said, “I took the gorgeous Zion out again yesterday. He’s a big boy and very strong but he doesn’t really pull. He’s much more likely to lie down and refuse to move. As always it was a slow, short stroll followed by an extended cuddle and the a lie in the sun in the paddock…

“Poor Zion, his arthritis obviously causes him pain but he is always pleased to see me and seems to love being out and about, as his tail is wagging the whole time. I think the heat must help with his legs as he actually ran after the tennis ball I threw in the paddock – before sitting down to destroy it, as per usual…

“I’ve been told he’s not good with other dogs but I’ve never seen him react at all. He’s been completely disinterested in them when he’s with me. He’s such a lovely, affectionate dog.”

If you’d like to know more about this mild-mannered, occasionally stubborn, always stately chap then please read the Rescue Remedies rehoming process here…

…then fill in their homing questionnaire here.

Please note that Rescue Remedies has a policy of all adopters committing to kept adopted dogs on the lead at all times when out and about.

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